Of Elves in Valuria

Of Elves in Valuria


After Ai created the dwarves and became disillusioned with their taciturn ways and stoic lifestyle, he decided to try again at creating a race of people. The elves, he decided, were to be all things the dwarves were not. Lithe, graceful, beautiful creatures with love of song, poetry, dance and wine. Ai was excited as he laid he had upon his grindstone and began crafting this new people.

The first elf created was named Ai’halor and he embodied all the things Ai envisioned for his new race. Tall and graceful he was, with long silver hair and golden eyes. His ears sloped upwards, into a point, and his eyes were thin and full of life. Ai’halor lifted his voice in song, to praise Ai, whom he called De’Roi. Ai wept tears of joy at Ai’halor’s voice and bid him to join him in creating his people.

Ai loved to hear the elves sing and relished the poetry and literature they wrote. He blessed them with long lives so the elven masters could continue to produce art for many years. He joined the first elves as they made their way across Valuria, spreading their song to all the beasts and even the dwarves. (The dwarves were not impressed an continued fashioning stone and being serious about it).

Alas, Ai grew tired of the frivolity of the elves and again ascended into heaven. Unlike the dwarves, the elves were bothered by Ai’s departure. Their art reflected this in dirges and elegies. The epic poem, “Ledepar Da’diu” is still considered one of the greatest works of art ever created.

After a time, the elves began to change, although minimally and very slowly. The frivolous existence was too much for a race to endure and they eventually became the elves that now populate Valuria; a bit more serious and more inclined to violence, though not as much as man or dwarves. They also began to wander into the great forests of Valuria, especially the Druitar Forest in the land now known as Galloway south of the Blue Sea. The greatest city the elves ever constructed was found here, Y’llia. Built among the massive trees deep in the Duitar, Y’llia stretched from the loam to the boughs.

When Orkus came into the world, the elves by and large rejected his lies, as did most life on Valuria. Those that were the most vain, the most conceited, were lured away, however. These dark souls were corrupted and became the Drow. While the elves loved the flora and fauna of the great open world, the Drow despised it and took to living beneath the earth in the dark tunnels there.

When The Great War took place, the Elves were assaulted by the Drow in great numbers, and always at night. The elves learned to subsist on little sleep, as they had to stay up for days at a time awaiting an attack that may come. The great city of Y’llia was sacked, the forest for miles around was scorched, burned to the ground. For centuries, the elves avoided the area, calling it, “Morpar d’Fue”, The Death by Fire.

The greatest elven warrior, The Thunder King Tonierr, led a great host deep into the earth, into the heart of the Drow kingdom, and slew many of his dark enemies. It was the first raid on a settlement of The Corrupted Ones by The First Races and led the way for many dwarf, hobbits and man to take the battle to their enemies.

As the Great War ended, the elves began to bond on a spiritual level with the forests around them. An elven woman by the name of Rhane’arbes was the first of her kind to venerate the world around her into an organized religion. She is considered The First Druid and the largest cadre of druids still in existence are known as the Society of Rhane in her honor.

When the Sundering happened, the elves were deeply affected. The great forest they lived in were the first living things Ai had placed in Valuria and even the trees were saddened at his death. This all-encompassing sadness threw the elves in a time of great despair and sadness, something they had rarely felt before on such a grand scale, a time they call The Time of Tears. The dwarves had always been stoic, the hobbits had always been unafraid to shed tears and man had been compassionate since creation. This sadness, however, was new to the Elves and had a profound effect on them.

When Ai was sundered, the greatest of his shards rose up to become Alur, Dehan and Jennis, Ai’s children. There were, however, many, many thousands of much smaller, minute shards that fell from heaven. The elves began to gather these shards and nourish them. From them, the creatures known as fey emerged. The sprites, pixies, dryads, and leprechauns, among others, were born of the elves love for Ai. However, many of the shards that fell from heaven were tainted as they passed through the formless body of Orkus. These shards would eventually turn dark, much the same way The Corrupted Ones were born of The First Races. These dark fey consist of harpies, quicklings, jermlaine, and an assortment of malign races. The greatest of these fey were the gnomes. They live in Valuria as the First Races do, but are very rare. They have small, unassuming cities in the rolling hills. They are unique as they never knew Ai’s Grace, but are actually part of Ai as they were born of his being. Many thousands of shards fell to the earth that were not gathered by the elves, but this is another tale.

The elves today are serene and genial, but ever watchful. They are somewhat removed from the elves of elder day, not so frivolous and care-free, for the elves have seen sadness and watched their beauty taken from them by Orkus. They pity the Drow for being cursed to live out of the holy light of the sun, but harbor a deep hatred for them as well.

The last few centuries have seen some small amount of elves exit the forests and found cities like those of man. This is very rare, and very new to Valuria. The largest city of these elves is Ashalamora, situated near the Sparkle Run River near the city of Cordova.

As it was with the dwarves and with man, the elves were free from Ai’s Grace after The Sundering. This allowed the elves to turn to darkness for the first time. Some elves can be found in Valuria that are hateful, evil people with little regard for the other people around them. By the same token, the Drow were free to leave the darkness of Orkus and a like amount of Drow are decent, honest people. Suffice to say, both of these numbers are quite small.

Of Elves in Valuria

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