Of Hobbits in Valuria

Of Hobbits in Valuria


The hobbits of Valuria occupy a unique place in the world. Almost universally, even today after losing Ai’s Grace after The Sundering, they are still honest, hard-working, decent, benevolent people that almost never enter darkness. They rarely take to war and are the least violent of all the races in the world.

When hobbits were created by Ai, dwarves and elves already walked the earth. Ai felt the dwarves too stoic and the elves too frivolous and created the hobbits taking what he believed to be the best of both. The hobbits, in turn, were sensible and serious yet happy and jovial. Ai dearly loved these new people and lived among them for a very long time, longer than he had with the dwarves or elves.

The first hobbit was a child, a boy by the name of Tomas. Tomas was bright and precocious and Ai smiled brightly as Tomas began working the dirt, making castles and moats in the ground. Ai asked Tomas to help him create the other hobbits and Tomas leaped at the chance. Ai and Tomas set to work immediately and created the first clan of hobbits, named for the rolling hills were they were created. Near the Greenhills in the land now known as Uldeer, the Greenhill clan was born. Bred with the wonderment of a child, the hobbits were all bright, cheerful people with an innocence and purity Ai had ever seen.

After a time with the hobbits, Ai fell in love with a beautiful young woman named Luna. She embodied all he felt was wonderful with his creations. She was funny and bright, loving and compassionate, beautiful and wonderful. Luna and Ai married under the stars. with her entire clan in attendance. In the land known today as Uldeer, on the southern coast of the Gaheel Ocean, Ai and Luna lived. The days passed slowly for Ai, but hobbits, being a mortal race, grow quickly. In time, Luna began to falter, her steps coming slower and her quick mind fading. Ai was powerless to stop the ravages of time. Slowly, he watched the love of his life pass away. As she lay dying, she remembered their wedding and spoke of the beauty of the stars. Ai promised her that she would live among the stars forever. At this, she smiled her last smile and passed from our world. Ai lifted her spirit himself and lifted her up in the heavens, among the stars she loved so much. It is there that her spirit has lived since, shining brightly among the night sky, keeping watch over kin.

Grief stricken, Ai left the hobbits as he had left the dwarves and elves before. Long did the hobbit grieve, not only for Ai’s leaving but for their queen. In a time, the grief passed, as grief is wont to do. Yet, the hobbits never forgot Luna and began looking toward her for strength and guidance. The priests began venerating her and eventually received divinity from her. Today, the hobbits worship Luna as a deity, their priests and priestesses holding ceremonies at night, under her light and grace.

When Orkus came to Valuria, the hobbits were the least affected. Their innocence kept them safe more so than any of the other creatures of the world. A few, however, were turned to darkness and followed the Defiler. These poor souls eventually became kobolds, a race of creatures as malevolent as the hobbits are benign. The hobbits were saddened when they learned of this and prayed nightly to Luna for their forgiveness. Alas, the kobolds never returned to the fold and would indeed become the greatest threat to the hobbits.

When The Great War came, the hobbits were decimated. Never a warlike people, they fell back into their homes and prayed to Luna for protection. As the hobbits lay huddled in their homes late one night near the beginning of The Great War, Luna appeared to them and washed them in her light. This small band of hobbits were to be the saving grace for their people. They were given a warrior mentality and a bravery and valor seen only in the bravest of dwarves and a military mind seen only in the war colleges of man, these hobbits became Warriors of Luna, dubbed Lunatics by their friends and foes alike. They were few in number, numbering only in the thousands, but so fierce and valorous they were that they had the strength of an entire army. The Lunatics, with their leader, The Moon King Tiberious, assaulted the kobold stronghold near present day Abbelganey, wiping out an entire brigade of kobolds before marching on the orc city of Aldoom. Legends tell of the wondrous and savage victory for the First Races led by Tiberious and his Lunatics, as they laid waste to Aldoom, slaughtering thousands of orcs in a single day.

After The Great War, the hobbits began to drift away from society and find a home in the remote lands of Valuria. In the gentle slopes of the hills and mountains, the hobbits made their home. The Lunatics never disbanded and provided protection for their people then as they still do today. Never a race that wanted for glory or fame, the hobbits watched as man began to dominate the landscape. The hobbits loved man more than the dwarves (too serious) or the elves (to distant) and many of them moved to the cities of man. Many scholars believe the hobbits, always Ai’s favorite, saw in man the grace of Ai.

Time passed quickly for the hobbits of Valuria during this time. Their greatest queen, outside of Luna of course, was born and reigned a few decades after the great war. Queen Wilhelmina reigned over the hobbit kingdom of Uldeer, in the land now named for this kingdom. She embraced the Lunatics and the Moon Priests of Luna, joining the two in the Order of the Night Sky, the most holy of order of the hobbits. The Lunatics that joined the church were the first hobbit paladins and to this day, all paladins of the hobbit order belong to this sacred order.

When The Sundering came, the hobbits were again plummeted into the depths of despair as Ai’s Grace left them. When the Corrupted Ones began their second assault against The First Races, it was the paladins of The Order of the Night Sky that were the first to take up arms. Being creatures that thrived at night, under the watchful eyes of Luna, the hobbits crushed many attacks from orcs and Drow, creatures that embraced the night. Goblins would attack at any time and the koblds would only attack during the day for they hated the night and the vision of Lina above them.

Today, the hobbits live rather peacefully in the hills and shires about Valuria. The Lunatics and paladins of The Order of the Night Sky still patrol the lands, sometime venturing all across Valuria fighting for purity and decency. After Ai’s Grace left them some hobbits embraced the darkness, but much fewer than any of the other races. In turn, very few kobolds left the darkness and finding a kobold not of evil bent is all but impossible.

Of Hobbits in Valuria

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