Of Men in Valuria

Of Men in Valuria


Ai created Man as the last of The First Races. They carry a certain amount of deserved arrogance because of this as they feel they were the ‘perfect’ race hence Ai stopped. The first man created was Aison somewhere in the central part of the land known as Rothdan today. Others were created after him, including his wife Rahlun. This first tribe of man are now known as the Roth and are considered by many to be Ai’s favorite. After this, many other men were created and placed in all areas of the world. In Valuria, there were ten known tribes of man, though this idea of ‘tribes’ has long since died out and man is a singular race of beings. However, to be able to trace your lineage to one of the original tribes is quite an achievement and many men seek to discover their past.

After Roth, the tribes of Westham, Furbas, Roe, Frankas, Andas, Kellen, Siglo, K’wal and Ramsay were founded. As time progressed, most tribes died out or merged so that after a century or so, only Roth, Westham and Kellen were viable tribes. The Roth tribe were found mainly in central Valuria, the Westham were found in the west, in the land known now as Galloway and the Kellen were found to the east in the land known as Uldeer.

The leader of Westham, an extremely intelligent and pious man known as Christoph, entreated with the Dwarves there and formed an alliance with Thane Frederick IV. He founded Brickdale on the edge of the Shale Mountains and traded extensively with the dwarven kingdom of Darakholme. Many credit this with the lasting presence of the Westham tribe. As a people, the Westham are pale and given to blonde or red hair. They are more intelligent than strong and were the most secretive of the remaining tribes. It is rumored that more men of the Westham tribe were given to Orkus’s whisperings than any other tribe.

The leader of the Kellen tribe, Reynar by name, learned well how to tame the seas and created Valuria’s first navy. Reynar’s men discovered the three great islands of the east coast, and named them The Treble Isles. The great city of Dunmoore was founded during the reign of Reynar as well. The Kellen tribe were made of tall, strong people with olive skin and dark hair. Shorter and stockier than the other tribes, they were probably the fiercest warriors.

In the central lands, the Roth clan still held sway. They were the most numerous and most active. Their greatest leader, after Aison, was a man named Sylas. The Roth were the most pious of the tribes, probably due to their connection with Ai, and Sylas was heralded as The Priest King by his people. Very few of the Roth tribe gave way to Orkus’s whisperings.

It is said that peace reigned during the days before Orkus and war was unknown to The First Races. This is not entirely true as tribes began to vie for advantageous lands and fight among each other. While small, wars did occur among men, and among men and dwarves, men and elves and even men and hobbits, though the hobbits were vehemently opposed to war and would normally move rather than war with man. Many dwarves and elves began fighting for the hobbits, but this is another tale. Of these warring tribes, it is said the Kellen were the worst and that most of the other tribes to the east were killed off or absorbed by strength by the Kellen people. The Westham, too, vanquished many of their foes by strength rising to prominence in the west. The Roth, however, were steadfast in the opposition to war and grew by diplomacy and goodwill. Many theories exist to explain why the Westham or Kellen tribes never warred with the Roths, but none have been proven true. Some say it was simply the will of Ai.

During The Great War with The Corrupted Ones, the three great tribes merged and the idea of tribes was banished forever. Man fought as one tribe against the forces of Orkus. Aligned with dwarves, elves and even the hobbits, The First Races fought valiantly against their foes. Many heroes were born during this crisis, the greatest of which was King Jacol. King Jacol’s army, known as The Jacks, were formed from the greatest warriors man had to offer. It is with The Jacks that Ai gathered with to defeat Orkus’s army and King Jacol was visited afterwards personally by Ai, the last of man to be visited as such. Like Sylas before him, Jacol was known as The Priest King and was venerated as a saint when he died. He is known as one of the Great Kings of Man, along with Aison, Sylas, Christoph and Reynar.

The leader of man during The Sundering was Pios. Even during his reign, it was whispered that Pios was very far removed from the great kings of the past. When Ai was slain and The Corrupted Ones marched on The First Races again, it was Pios that turned dark, the first of the kings of man to do so. He left his people and entreated with The Corrupted Ones. The remnants of Orkus still lingered and the dark god accepted Pios into his ranks. He was the first of man to learn sorcery and is said to be the greatest sorcerer of man to ever live. Today, it is considered normal, if a bit sad, to witness man turn to darkness and embrace the corruption, but it was unheard of during the time of Pios. Many consider his corruption to be the main force of The Fall of Man. After the Sundering and the gathering of the triplets, The Corrupted Ones were again defeated. However, without Ai’s grace, man began to wander from the light and take up with The Corrupted Ones, or even strike out on their own, apart from The First Races and The Corrupted Ones. Even today, evil sorcerers of man are said to carry The Taint of Pios.

Today, man can be found from the Wasting Sea to the east to the Shale Mountains in the west. From Bungler’s Bay in the south to the White Wastes of the north. Most men are decent, hardworking people with little care for war. The three gods, The Triplets, hold sway for most and of the three, the goddess Alur The Grace is most worshipped. Those men concerned with strength and war and its ilk find comfort in Dehar, the Strength. Many sages and wizards turn to Jennis, the Knowledge, as their personal grace. None are evil, but Dehar is not a benign, forgiving being nor is Jennis a compassionate, concerned deity. Alur is what her brothers are not, however, and this is why her worship is found much more often. There are evil men that walk the lands of Valuria, of course. Some worship Dehar or Jennis, while some still venerate Orkus.

Man and orcs have always had an odd relationship, obviously since orcs are corrupted men. A palpable hatred existed between the races for time immemorial, but a surprisingly large number of alliances have sprung up as well in the last century or so. As man was free to turn from the light, orcs were free of Orkus’s influence after The Sundering and were free to enter the light. As most men are benign, however, most orcs are malevolent and savage creatures. For as many men that turn to darkness, there are the same amount of orcs that have left the darkness, however, and even some that have found strength in Alur.

Of Men in Valuria

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